ProductCart (which I wrote as “product cart” in the title because many people do not realize it is an actual brand) is shopping cart software that is used to run professional ecommerce storefronts – or “online stores.”

If you have an existing website that you want to begin selling products from, integrating ProductCart is very simple.

It is written in classic ASP (active server pages) which makes it easy to adapt for anyone who understands HTML.

The question shouldn’t be whether or not you can integrate ProductCart into your existing site… it really should be do you want to? In order to answer that question you need to better understand what ProductCart offers and how that can translate into more sales from your store.

To do that let’s look at it from a different perspective… that of the buyer.

Think of the last time you purchase something online. Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would you buy from a site that look “out-of-date?”
  2. Would you buy from a site that didn’t look “secure?”
  3. Would you enter your credit card number… with that 3 digit CVV code… into a “shopping cart” that looked like it was “cheap?”…

No matter how good the product or price was!?!

Neither would we.

When you choose a shopping cart software you need to be sure that it is backed by quality service, is robust, flexible, secure, reliable, and is advanced enough to handle the changing behaviors and needs of online purchasers.

Also consider advanced payment and shipping options. Nearly 60% of all people purchasing online use a credit card. Approximately 25% pay using PayPal. Receiving multiple forms of payment gives credibility to your site.

Advanced shipping options are a great way to provide and capture more of the value from each visitor, often increasing same visit sales as people see that they can add more product and not have an increase in shipping cost.

Dan Anderson is a Certified ProductCart Developer. He has built over 300 sites, both standard and with customizations. You can check out the porfolio on the site to see the wide range of designs and markets.

If you are considering adding ProductCart to your site, or building a new site with that uses ProductCart fill out the contact us form and see how we can help.