If you can answer these questions quickly and with confidence and you are looking for someone to design and build a website for your small business or an e-commerce site to sell your product, contact us for more information.

These questions have to be considered/answered both in order and without a bias to the next question (I’ll get into that more).

Question #1: Does anyone care?

Beside you that is. Really, honestly… you have to ask yourself if the service or the product you have is of any importance to people. As cool and unique as it might be, does anyone really believe they need what you have to offer. Too often people develop a great product or service and really over engineer it or add so many bells and whistles that it costs too much, or becomes to generic. This question is what separates great concepts from cool ideas. Concepts can be concrete and create customers out of passers-by.

If you already have a small business or know your product is something people want and you are just looking to increase your sales or grow your business then you are already on the road to success.

Question #2: Can you make money?

This is really a way of saying “how much does anyone care?” Here is where you ask all the questions around what it costs you to do what you do or sell what you sell and what price you would have to charge to make any money. Don’t get discouraged if the numbers don’t initially work out. You may just have to do things a little differently. If you already have a business that is making money you are probably looking at this question as “Can you make more money?” With the right website design and inbound marketing services the answer is “YES!

Question #3: Can you do it?

Most people actually start with this question. They ask if they can build the product or perform the service. And when they can answer “yes” to this question they get all excited and begin going at it. Then they try to figure out if they can make money… all the while spending time and resource to “do it.” By the time they find out whether or not anyone cares… it is too late. They have already lost so much and invested so much time that they become emotionally tied to the business and rather than “cut their losses” and survive… they hang on to the sinking ship and drown.

We don’t want that for you. If you got this far and are still moving forward, and if one of the things that you have to do is build a website then, believe me, it will cost far less to have it done for you than to do it yourself. That’s why we are here.

Question #4: Do you want to do it?

This may seem like an odd question. You may be thinking that it is obvious that you do. Think again. Before you can actually answer this question you have to know exactly what it is that you need to do. If you have an entrepreneurial attitude you can most likely “make it work” or “do what you have to do.” But often, you have to temper that with the reality of expectations on time, resource, frustration, problems, etc… that always come up.

Do you want to do the marketing AND the selling AND the customer service AND the finances AND deal with employees AND… the list goes on. I have heard owning your own business being compared to having a baby… but it takes the business longer to grow up!

Most small businesses fail not because there wasn’t a need, just that those who started the business, when they realized it, didn’t want to be the ones to fill it.

If you don’t want to do something… no one else will want to do it for you.

Question #5: Where do I need help in order to succeed?

Identify what needs to get done and either learn to do it, or get help. Open Innovation rules would tell you that there is wisdom and speed in collaboration. Don’t be afraid to split the pie. A piece of something is better than all of nothing.

If you can answer all of these questions, it is worth you spending the time and/or money to design and build website for your business. If not, you’ll regret having ever done it, and what’s worse you’ll probably never believe that it would work for you.

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