You have them. We all do. If you own a small business life can be frustrating.

So we have compiled a list of 10 frustrations for small business owners. These are some of the things that can really drive you batty and make you want to pull your hair out.

I hope that you enjoy them… rather then experience them!

Top 10 Frustrating Small Business Realities

  1. Missing the call that could have made you money… because you were on one that was costing you money!
  2. “No I can not give a friends and family discount because my only customers right now are friends and family.”
  3. Having a smart phone that is smarter than most of your employees?
  4. Having a smart phone than smarter than you?
  5. Why is it that I can fax by email, forward my calls to any phone I want, touch a screen, talk TO a phone and have it answer me, deposit money by a picture, but I STILL have to wait for a check to clear?
  6. When are they going to let me deduct the cost of coffee in my taxes as part of my “necessary” business expenses.
  7. Finally freeing up cash to purchase new computers only to have them be out of date before you open the packages.
  8. Not having a enough resource to grow your business.
  9. “Why did I want to start my own business again?”

And the number one frustration that small business owners have to face….

  1. Wait a minute… I am my business!!!

These were just the ones that came to mind. Can you think of any other ones? Share them below.