As you consider “social media” and “social marketing” in terms of how you market your small business you will notice that there are many ways to reach customers and to share you information.

The top four social buttons you find on most sites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

But with these are not your only options and you may find yourself wondering which one is better for you.

As far as video sharing goes, the main reason to use any of these services is to not have to carry the cost of hosting. Videos take up a lot of space on a server and can effect your site’s overall performance if you host them yourself. So going with a video hosting service and embedding the files in an i-frame allows you to keep your site moving. It also, depending on the service you use, can be a great way to get found on the internet off of your site.

Today I just want to look at the question, “Should I use YouTube or Vimeo for my small business?”

Of course, the answer really depends on who you are trying to reach and how you want to be seen.

Here is my quick take on how to use them and when they would be the better choice for your business. Of course, you have to make the call yourself, but these are some things to consider.

If you are a company that sells primarily to consumers (you are in a B2C business) and wants to keep your costs down then YouTube would be your better choice. Why? Because it is free, has no real restrictions on what content you can put up, and will randomly put your video up based on keywords: which means you can get found more easily. If you are an e-commerce business this is a great way to share “commercials” and promote product, as well as just share random videos.

Videos on YouTube always have the chance of going viral just by the nature of that network. You can also use your video as a means for generating revenue through ads… so it has its plusses. Of course, the ads can pull people away from your product… which can be a minus. Overall though, having a YouTube channel is a great way to connect with consumers.

For a company that primarily sells to other businesses I would recommend Vimeo. However, there is a cost associated with being able to use it with less restrictions. You see Vimeo is more strict on what types of videos can be put up. While there is a free service there can be no “infomercial” type of videos or commercials that can be seen as “selling” your product or services unless you join the “Pro” plan. However, if you are just using the videos for information sharing – quality content – you are OK and you can embed the video on your site as well. I recommend spending the money to get the “Pro” plan though because the number one advantage I see Vimeo having over YouTube for small businesses is that you are the focus… there are no ads or recommended videos that pop up at the end of the video. So you can embed the video on your site and still maintain your autonomy.

Now, there are some other benefits that have to do with video quality and things that you can do with it… but honestly, for the majority of small businesses this won’t be a concern. It really is about how you want to be seen. The one downside with Vimeo is that you are less likely to get found via search… but for B2B that should be OK as long as your content marketing strategy is where it should be.

Any thoughts or experiences with video hosting/sharing services? Comment below.