Web Applications

Customized functionality to meet your business needs.

We have developed a number of large and small web applications for various businesses. Most of these can be easily customized to meet the needs of almost any business in any industry. If you have an idea that would help your business we would be glad to talk with you about how to implement it on the web. We have developers with many years of experience in programming and database design. We can explain what can be accomplished on the web and provide you with a detailed proposal and pricing for your project.

Content Management System

For most new sites we build, we strongly recommend using WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), for your web site. A CMS allows you to login and easily maintain content on every page of your site. Site administrators can add/edit/delete pages with multiple types of content using a WYSIWYG editor (with formatting controls similar to Word). Administrators can also upload files (i.e. Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) that users can view and/or download. Your site navigation is updated automatically as you make changes. You can create calendars, news, FAQs, blogs, document repositories, forums, forms, photo galleries, and much more. You can even create areas of your site that are restricted to specific users once they login, i.e. areas for customers, employees, sales reps, etc.

Project Management

Allow multiple user levels (contractors, project managers, directors and clients) to login and manage various details about construction projects (location, milestone dates, budgets, changes and schedules) and generate reports restricted to their access level. Data can be imported/exported from/to Excel spreadsheets and manually added/updated from within the application.

Tax Record Searches

We have built a variety of applications for towns but the most popular is the tax record search. It can be added within a current web site or setup as a sub-web of your town site. It allows people to search and view their records for Real Estate Taxes, Personal Property Taxes and Motor Vehicle Taxes. The site administrator can login and upload updated data from Excel spreadsheets as needed.

School Applications

We have created over a dozen types of web applications for school districts. For complete details, see our School Services page.

Contact Management

Contacts can sign-up on your web site and request email notification of specific types of information. Any type of information can be entered and stored for each contact. Administrator(s) can add/edit/delete contacts and can send broadcast emails to specific groups of contacts based on what the contact requests when they sign-up. This can also be used for membership lists or other types of “contacts”.

Event Sign-Up / Scheduling

If your businesses sponsors or tracks events, why not allow your attendees/customers to register for events online? The event scheduling module can allow you to receive and track payments, send broadcast emails to attendees, schedule sessions within events, and more.

Support Tracking

We have developed a support tracking system that allows users to enter information on a support request form and the system tracks the support request through various stages with email notifications sent to specific individuals when a request’s status changes.

Flipbook Presentations

We can publish complete PDF Catalogs and PowerPoint presentations in a web based format for general access or access through a secure login only for employees or customers.

Zip Code Searching

We have access to the complete list of US zip codes with extensive data. We can provide multiple functions based on this data such as calculating distances between two zip codes, returning lists of zip codes within a given mile radius of another zip code, returning city and state for zip codes, etc. For example, we have designed web sites where visitors can enter their zip code and see a list of available business locations within a certain mileage radius of their location.

A few thoughts and words of appreciation on what you guys have been able to do with our website, BDK Sales.

This is the primary location for candidates to get their information about our company other than talking to our employees so it is imperative that the right message is delivered and delivered well. This website certainly accomplishes that. We have been told in surveys that we have done that, the information is great and that the website is easy to use and to navigate. It provides great links to more inclusive information and is divided in such a way so that the reader can easily discern what is important to Black & Decker and what we are able to provide new employees.

The folks at NetProfits are great to work with. Their response time is impeccable and it is evident that they take pride in their work.

Mary Ellen Berreth

East Region Recruiting Coordinator, Black & Decker

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