Since 1998, we have designed over 450 web sites for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. From small “brochure” web sites providing general information about a company to dynamic, database driven, e-commerce web sites to full-scale web applications, we have the design and development experience to help you accomplish your goals on the web. We strive to create a good working relationship with our clients. We are proud of our track record of providing great customer service as expressed by many of our clients over the years.

I have been utilizing NetProfits for the past 10+ years on many projects and will continue to do so without hesitation. Why? Because Dan and the NetProfits team has consistently proven to be an indispensable, insightful, responsive and effective resource partner. From brainstorming site design, to suggesting creative alternatives and incredible customer service, Dan and his team flawlessly translate my needs and expectations into more than I envisioned. NetProfits is like having my own in-house Web master. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Mark McGrath

Owner, McGrath Communications Group

We were looking for an ecommerce solution that could be adapted to meet our specific needs on an ongoing basis when we discovered Product Cart. During this process we learned that Net Profits was an authorized Product Cart reseller, who could provide complete ecommerce solutions and assist in building a turnkey ecommerce web site.

As a business owner I know that the “fish either swims or stinks from the head that directs it”. Net Profits shines because of its leadership, specifically it shines because of Dan Anderson. It has been pleasing to be able to count on quick responses and work being done well, but what is especially important to me is the high level of integrity displayed in meeting our requests.

Since bringing our business to Net Profits, we have been very blessed. I praise the Lord for Dan and I appreciate his efforts very much!

Karl Kunstman

President, Ixthus Medical Supply, Inc.

The support and service that NetProfits provides is unbelievable. Dan and his team have helped us develop our online retail business over the past nine years. What I like the best about the services they provide is the time they take to explain and educate us so we can learn how to do things on our own. Through their efforts, we have become comfortable making minor tweaks and changes to our sites. NetProfits is due a lot of credit for our success.

Greg Miller

Owner, GJM, LLC

When I think of the qualities I would like to find in a “dream vendor”…availability, responsiveness, ability, creativity, dependability, sense of humor, honesty, fair pricing, reliability, timeliness of work completion, sense of responsibility, and of course, quality of the work…I can truly say that all of these qualities are present in NetProfits and in Dan Anderson and his colleagues. I have had many years of experience with Dan and his company, including web design, web hosting, software design and production. I have always been extremely pleased with the professional way the various projects were handled, as well as with the final product. While rare, the inevitable problems inherent in computer/Internet use have always been addressed and fixed promptly and without question. I give Dan and NetProfits my thanks, and my highest and unconditional recommendation.

Joseph T. Barmakian, MD

President, U.S. Living Will Registry

Dear Dan:

It has been almost 18 months since we relaunched the PinballSales.com website. Complaints usually get sent quickly but praise is sometimes slower in it’s travels.

I wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into helping me change our site from just informational to transactional. The clean look, form and function of the site has won us business as well as praise and envy.

With you hosting the site and email as well, we have had a reliable and trouble free experience. Anytime I have sent you one of my “Hey Dan” emails you have responded quickly with answers, solutions and action.

I’ve been in business over 28 years and when something works I stay with it…..and I tell others about it too. I understand that one of my friends just signed up to have you develop his site….and it’s a great decision too!

Hey Dan…..thank you again for the support and I hope you continue to grow your business for many years to come.

Best Regards,

Jack Guarnieri

President, PinballSales

Dear Dan and Tim,

I want to thank you for creating the website I envisioned. You listened to what I wanted. You gave me excellent advice and feedback. I was fearful that the website software would be too complicated for me to manage. You assured me that it would be easy, and it actually was!

I would recommend your company to anyone. Your expertise and friendly support has made the experience easier than I ever imagined it could be.

Denise Loock

Owner, Dig Deeper Devotions

Dear Dan,

Thanks for a fabulous website! The site has paid for itself already! You and your team spent the time with us to really understand what we were trying to do and then made it happen. Using NetProfits Internet Consulting was one of the best decisions we have made. We’re getting loads of “hits” and new clients too. The website has also made it easier to communicate our products and services with existing clients. Thank you again…we’re reaching more people everyday.


Wow Entertainment, Inc.

The software and services that are offered by NetProfits have proven to be invaluable for our district. In choosing a company to provide consulting services, applications, and website hosting, an important criteria was that the company be very responsive to our needs, NetProfits has proven to be the most responsive and customer focused company we have dealt with. The quality of the products is also high priority in choosing a company, NetProfits provides applications that are thoughtfully designed and fine tuned to the field of education. SERTS is one example of an application that fits our educational technology program perfectly. The software organizes information logically and intuitively, this has made it very user friendly for our staff. It comprehensively covers all important areas of technology management for the district, this is why it is invaluable. SERTS is one application that is most important to providing a high quality of service to the staff and students of our district.

Some of the web applications we’ve built for Jackson include: SERTs, Professional Development System, Survey System, Core Transcripts, Survey System, IT Forums, Student Scholarship Application Tracking, etc.
Lincoln Mahabir

Director of Technology, Jackson School District

Opening a new small business is no small task, but deciding who to choose to design my website, was a “no-brainer”. I needed to have a website up and running quickly and the best person to turn to was Dan. His professionalism, advice, and expertise are of high caliber. He delivered a great, easy to navigate site.

It’s a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for all your help.

Yoerys Fraga

Owner, Y & H Income Tax Services, LLC

Dear Dan,

As a brand new entrepreneur I had so many questions about how to promote my business on the web. From soup to nuts you very clearly and very patiently explained everything I needed to know, and boy, did I need to know a lot! I so appreciated your direction and suggestions. Your personality is so down-to-earth, easy going, and you really helped make this potentially stressful process go so smoothly. My site looks great, and is so easy to navigate. You really captured the look and feel I was after. You are a true professional Dan, and you made me feel like one too!

I look forward to working with you again!

Kathy Anderson

Owner, Healthy Coffee Corner

Dear Dan,

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your efforts towards the changes and refinements of our Website, www.policebadges.com. I am impressed with the professionalism and immediate delivery I have experienced with your company.

After a number of years with other Webmasters, I believe myself to be qualified in knowing great service and unbelievable prompt delivery when I receive it. Your work is unparalleled and I am so grateful for the referral that led me to you. I am certain your efforts will result in not only more traffic on my site but easier access to all our products and information.

Please feel free to use Berben Insignia Company for a recommendation at any time. I cannot express our delight and satisfaction with your services in more glowing terms.

Once again, thank you for a job impeccably done.

Elyse R. Aion

Owner, Berben Insignia Company

Cliptomania.com is featured in the 5th edition of Managing Information Technology(Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2004) that is used in Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business’s MBA and advanced undergraduate programs. The Cliptomania case study documents Cliptomania’s journey from an idea to a successful entrepreneurial Internet business. In working with the author while he developed the case study, we had an excellent opportunity to step back and look at the whole picture.

And in so doing we again noted what an important role consultant Dan Anderson plays in our success. In the beginning he negotiated with us the technical aspects of setting up and running our website. Most importantly, he taught us how to do much of the work ourselves – patiently and effectively! With this knowledge base we have been able to keep our website very current – an important accomplishment on the dynamic Internet. As our website has grown and prospered Dan has been there for us when new technologies or tough problems presented themselves. He’s one of Cliptomania.com’s assets.

Candy Santo

Owner, Cliptomania

A few thoughts and words of appreciation on what you guys have been able to do with our website, BDK Sales.

This is the primary location for candidates to get their information about our company other than talking to our employees so it is imperative that the right message is delivered and delivered well. This website certainly accomplishes that. We have been told in surveys that we have done that, the information is great and that the website is easy to use and to navigate. It provides great links to more inclusive information and is divided in such a way so that the reader can easily discern what is important to Black & Decker and what we are able to provide new employees.

The folks at NetProfits are great to work with. Their response time is impeccable and it is evident that they take pride in their work.

Mary Ellen Berreth

East Region Recruiting Coordinator, Black & Decker

NetProfits has far exceeded our expectations for development and customer service. The SERTS product has helped us to stream line our inventory control process as well as the work order management system and save the district a great deal of money and time. The entire staff at NetProfits has been very helpful in implementing and creating exactly what we have asked for. Dan Anderson leads a team of highly knowledgeable and creative individuals. NetProfits is definitely a plus to the industry and school districts all over.

Craig Tunks

Director of Information Systems, Monroe School District, CT

Dear Dan,

I am very grateful for all the work you’ve done for us in creating the InterVarsity NY/NJ website. I had a volunteer working on it for a time and then I tried to take a crack at it myself. The best move I could have made was to bring the whole project to you.

You helped explain the whole process of website design. You also helped me envision what we would need so that our website would be effective. I love the way the sight looks and how easy it is to get around. Many of our staff have made positive comments on the look and feel of the site. I also appreciate your willingness to answer my questions when I’m not quite understanding what you’re trying to say or do. The pages about our retreats and other events have been very helpful as many students are using them and actually registering online.

Just a few weeks ago when we met to discuss where we go from here, you were again very helpful. You shared some ideas with me that helped me to better understand how programming could benefit us in the development of our site. I like the way you explained this using examples from other sites you’ve developed. This helped me to see the possibilities. You are also very skilled technically. I know that you are able to do what you say you will do and with excellence. You have served us well and I’m grateful.

Keep up the good work.


Ed Miller

Assistant Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

I have worked with Dan and his team for 7+ years. He has designed 2 web sites for me. Both are E Commerce sites and function flawlessly.

After evaluating many E Commerce programs, I chose Product Cart for my E Commerce web site and then looked at sample web sites of designers who support that program. I called them to discuss my ideas.

I chose Dan to do the design work because of his responsiveness to my questions, and his willingness to answer my general, specific, and technical questions.

Dan is available when you call him or email him. He responds quickly to queries and should any complication arise after the site is up and running he knows the fix.

He can design your site, host your site and update your site as needed. And he does it within his quote, and within the time frame stated, including multiple “looks” before the site goes live.

In addition, he designs sites with the owner of the site in mind so that most changes can be tweaked or modified by the owner. The program Product Cart has a control panel where Products can be changed, modified, deleted or added by the site owner if he chooses. Similarly, Dan designs content pages which can also be modified by the site owner through the Control Panel.

There are a lot of horror stories on the web about cost overruns, design delays, faulty links, and a host of problems by designers who are not only too expensive, too busy, lack creativity, and adopt a don’t care attitudes.

Dan is a professional of the highest (and I might add smartest) caliber.

Bill Grigg

Owner, Tax Fast Facts

We have been collaborating with Dan Anderson and his team at NetProfits for over 9 years. I regard our relationship as a working partnership, which has proven to be invaluable to our operation. NetProfits has completely transformed our “out-of-the-box” e-commerce software into a fully customized and personalized platform, focused on our exact daily processes. NetProfits has also developed a scalable interface which allows us to monitor multiple web stores simultaneously, putting our agents right in the driver seat. If you can conceive it, i.e. “I want this to do that”, NetProfits can create it. Trust me, we’ve had some pretty wild requests in the past, and we’ve always been extremely happy with the results.

John Montague

Owner, Spotlight Retail, LLC

Our business “face” is our web site as we operate out of home offices across the country, and almost every new client that emails or calls comments on how impressed they are about how much information we offer online. Dan Anderson has been invaluable not only for our business, but for so many of our clients who have set up healthcare-related web sites online as well. People are able to find us immediately through most of the search engines, they click through and read at least one or two of the other sections on our web site, and then email us with questions and requests for help. Dan has proven to us and our clients that online businesses are the core of any successful business that wants to be recognized as an innovative market leader within their respective industry.

Jack Evans

President, Retail Home Care

As a one-person Internet retailer I was looking to expand my eCommerce capabilities and escape the fees and hassles of online auction and payment sites. Upon the recommendation of a colleague, I contacted NetProfits in April of 2007 and they have been exceeding my expectations ever since.

Dan and his team at NetProfits were efficient in setting up the back end and expertly guiding me through the entire process of configuring ProductCart. I chose to host my retail website with NetProfits because of the speed and up-time of the RackSpace servers in addition to the support offered by NetProfits. On the rare occasion there is a problem, Dan is quick to respond and resolve the issue.

In short, I highly recommend NetProfits for your eCommerce and web hosting needs.

Mark Poore

Owner, Pet Planet Outfitters, LLC

NetProfits Internet Consulting was referred to us two-years ago but we tried to do some of the work alone and hire some out. It did not work! In hind-sight, I only wish that we had hired NetProfits Internet Consulting two-years ago. Let me tell you they solved my problems and were cost effective. I was not taken advantage and I know because I have been down that path before. I cannot say enough about NetProfits Internet Consulting. Today, I find a long-term partner in them from training to fixing little things. They even empowered us so we could do editing easily. Wow!

R. O’Brien-Bills

Owner, AIS Engineering Bookstore

Dear Dan,

Kc Kayla’s Pet Supplies, Inc. has been in business for three years on two different Internet channels. Working with a major auction and Internet marketing company, we have been stymied from growing in our quest to compete with the major retailers of our products on the Internet. Our Internet look was mediocre at best, until we met Dan Anderson.

In the past few weeks since Dan has completed our upgrade, we have had numerous compliments about how “great or awesome” our site now looks!

Dan returned that first email within minutes of receiving it. His service, has been just as fast. With his superb recommendations, our site now has that “professional look” that we have been striving to attain. His attention to detail is excellent. We wish we had found him when we first started working on this new site.

We here at Kc Kayla’s can’t say “thank-you” enough for your computer expertise, your fabulous design knowledge, your endless hours of work and dedication at all hours of the day, and most of all your friendly approach to working with others.

We will always be grateful for taking us to the next level of our business. We feel that we have not only gained a business partner but a friend.

Tina and Dave Slater

Owners, Kc Kayla's Pet Supplies, Inc.

Scarletts Closet Sample Sale has operated in two Internet sales channels since 2002. I have a marketing background and have contracted design and production services for 30 years. So we weren’t babes in the woods. Whatever I knew from my past experience didn’t translate into website development and programming.

The first company we contracted got a deposit upfront and produced nothing for six weeks. The second programmer spun her wheels for two weeks before admitting she hadn’t read the documentation. I was about bald by the time I found Dan through the Early Impact website.

Dan Anderson made it easy to customize our product cart. From the first phone call, he instilled the confidence that he knew his stuff and was on the ball. He asked insightful questions, made good recommendations and completed the work well, efficiently and within budget. He’s also a pleasant guy with a good sense of humor.

Based on our experience, these are rare qualities.

We are happy to recommend him to anyone and look forward to our next project with NetProfits.

Pamela Picard

Principal, Scarletts Closet Sample Sale


We wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for putting together our site. From the first phone conversation Jim had with you all the way through the process you were honest and up-front about what you could do for us. Jim has been in the software business for over 17 years and has seen customers get burned by promises made by unethical sales representatives.

It has been very refreshing to work with someone who really puts the needs of the customer ahead of his own. Riviera Chocolates was just an idea back in January. It took a lot of research and energy to bring it to life. The site looks great and already has garnered praise from friends, colleagues and family members. The site is very easy to update from our computer without needing to bother you to do anything. When we asked for something that initially looked like we’d have to find another way to do, you hit the books and came back with some custom programming that was exactly what we were looking for. Fantastic! Gerry was just great in his tutoring of the Product Cart software. We spent several hours on the phone with him while he walked us through the processes involved in the ecommerce area of the site. Oh, and he did this in the evening just to accommodate us.

We’re grateful to our friend, Jack over at PinballSales who referred us to you. He was right on the money, as usual.

Thanks again,

Jim & Marlene Stoever

Owners, Riviera Chocolates

Dear Dan,

I want to thank you for all you have done to get our website store, DivaFabrics.com to where it is today. I feel so fortunate to have found such a talented, dedicated, hard-working and truly nice guy to work with on making our store happen.

You have made working on the website very easy and given me all the tools I need to maintain it. I know at times I have brought you challenging changes and ideas yet you made them happen in a snap! I can’t say enough what a wonderful job you have done for Diva Fabrics. Our customers comment all the time at the ease of using our website and how fabulous it looks.

Keep up the good work. You are the greatest!

Penelope Rains

Owner, Diva Fabrics


It’s rare that one comes across somebody as dedicated and efficient as you! We are very pleased with the web site. I would highly recommend you to anybody needing a great web site at an affordable price. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Justin A. Hassell

President, Thunder Electronics


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the design and development of my e-commerce website. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and Tony. When I started out on this journey, I didn’t know where to begin or what to expect. You made my dream a reality and have given me the guidance to control my own web store. When I first spoke with you, I had many unformed ideas, and with your help and your desire to give me the kind of website that I wanted, those ideas have now taken shape. I gave you some vague ideas of what I wanted my storefront to look like and on the first attempt you hit a home run. Thanks for your support, incredibly quick response time, patience, creativity, hard work, availability and devotion to your clients. Thank you for allowing me to work with Tony on the implementation of the project. I couldn’t have picked a better person for the job. Tony exhibits all the same attributes as you, and it has been not only a rewarding and wonderful learning experience, but also you both helped to make this project fun.

Dan, thank you for the search engine submissions you made on my behalf and the advice you gave me to enhance my on-line advertising.

Thanks again. I really enjoyed working with you guys.

Marc Korn

Owner, Team Watch Shop

We had a “homegrown” web site for over three years when we encountered NetProfits. Their staff worked with us from concept through design all the way to completion, and they encouraged members of our team to test the developing site and provide feedback at each step. We are delighted with the result — not only is our new site far more pleasing aesthetically, but its database features provide us and our customers with the search capabilities that we require.

Finally, NetProfits continues to keep our site high up “above the fold” with the major search engines, and their staff is always willing to work with us on refinements and enhancements as required. The entire team, Dan especially, continues to be very responsive to our numerous questions, change requests, and more.

Marvin Aaron

Vice President, Coilhose Pneumatics / Acme Automotive

Finding NetProfits was one of the best business moves our company has made all year! They created a web site for us that really encompasses what we are all about. It’s visually appealing, informational, interactive and it gives customers a reason to keep coming back for more. I went to them feeling weary due to my previous experience with a web design company. I needed a company that would work with me and help point our company in the right direction in web marketing. They spent hours creating the perfect web site. They tailored it to our company’s wants and needs. The team of designers that worked on the web site are very friendly, patient and easy to work with. They even offered to come to my office and show me how to make the changes! They made me the web master of our web site, which is something I was never allowed to be before. They taught me how to go into the site and make the changes that I previously did not have access to. Our business is constantly changing and now our web site can change with it. In no time I can add new locations, new personnel names, graphics, coupons, I am even using our site for recruitment purposes now. These are things that we were unable to do with our previous web design company. Honestly I could go on and on about how grateful I am to NetProfits for all that they have done for our company and for me personally. Like I said before- it was definitely one of the best moves our company made!

Jeneane Vespia

HR Manager / Web Master, Quality Tire Centers, Inc.

Dan Anderson of NetProfits Internet Consulting delivered everything he promised – and more – when he designed the CoQ10Solutions.com Yahoo! store. His attention to detail is amazing, and his communication skills and follow-up are definite assets. He is a talented designer with a firm grasp of complex technical web know-how. Dan answers questions thoroughly and explains web principles with ease. He is always respectful, no matter what type of question is asked.

Dan is well-versed in the nuances of the Yahoo! templates and is adept at creating a Yahoo! store that’s professional, visually appealing, and functional, rather than “cookie cutter.” He fulfills all customer requests and offers helpful and insightful suggestions whenever asked, with the result being a far better web site.

Dan uses the latest technology to optimize web photos so they are extremely crisp and clear while still loading incredibly quickly. He brought several important details to our attention, such as how a certain shade of blue should be optimized so it works well with both of the major Internet browsers on the market. He is extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects of setting up a Yahoo! store and takes care of all the details. He also knows the “tricks of the trade” when it comes to search engine registration.

We had contacted several designers prior to contracting Dan to create the CoQ10Solutions.com web site. His portfolio was the most impressive, and after 5 minutes of talking to him we knew there was no other choice for our project. His prices are fair, and he is willing to either train you to do the maintenance for your own site or will do the updates at a reasonable hourly rate.

Dan is extremely competent and talented and runs his business like a true professional. Perhaps one of his finest qualities is his flexibility – his goal is to provide the best possible customer service, and he embodies that philosophy with every e-mail and phone communication, and by the finished product he creates, custom-tailored to the customer’s wants and needs.

Dan is always accessible and always follows through. I would use him again in a heartbeat, and I would (and have) referred him to anyone looking for a professional, talented, knowledgeable, versatile, reliable web designer/producer.

Tara Stultz

Marketing Consultant, CoQ10 Solutions

Having a web page designed for a school district is a different task than having a web page designed for a corporation. I was concerned that the page wouldn’t have the school/community flavor it would need to be successful. I was pleasantly surprised in working with NetProfits to see how sensitive they were to our very specific needs. Our Web page is never a completed task, it is a work in progress. New ideas as to how the page can be improved are constantly being advised to us. I have received compliments from the entire Dover community and alumni around the world on the design of our web site.

What I am most impressed with the company is their professional yet personal touch. NetProfits has become a part of the Dover Public School Family and we are grateful for their input in creating the Dover Public School web site.

Yolanda Méndez

Director of IT, Dover School District

Dear Dan,

We had no idea of the possibilities a web site could have. Your creativity online has reduced our work load dramatically. By creating a virtual office for us, our members can now access all kinds of information for themselves. Not only does this save us time but it allows people to obtain their information faster. When members call now for an HSN ID card, instead of having to wait for us to put one in the mail, they can download one from the Internet instantly. Instead of obtaining a membership directory that we put together once a year, families can obtain one that’s up to date and download it right away.

I especially like the way you set up the account with PayPal so that people can actually renew their membership online. The broadcast email function is helpful for making announcements to our constituency and it’s so easy to use.

I suppose the best benefit for us though is that we can pay a secretary to work in their own home, using a personal computer to do all kinds of work for us. This frees up our office and makes the job much more accessible to the person doing the work.

We love it. Thanks for making our lives easier. I’m sure this will streamline much of what we do, freeing us up to be more creative and work on things that make a real difference.


Scott Turansky / Joanne Miller

Homeschoolers Support Network

Dear Dan,

Sometimes we forget to stop during our busy schedules and say “Thank You” to someone who has made a difference in our lives. We want to tell you how grateful we are for your professional guidance and your personal friendship.

We came to you in September 1998 with the seed of an idea. We wanted to open an Online Store. That’s all we knew. With your help, this seed has blossomed into an exciting business venture. We were and still are novices on the computer, but you continue to be patient and encouraging as we learn more each time we talk with you.

We rely on your technical support and your creative ideas. You are always there for us whenever we have a question or need to make changes on our site. All we have to do is call or send an email, and we know you will respond immediately.

We have received many compliments on our site. People comment on the pleasing colors and eye-catching graphics. They appreciate the simplicity of the ordering process. You did a terrific job listing us on all the search engines. Our business has grown, and we have many repeat customers.

We cannot say enough about how pleased we are with the results of your hours of effort. We value your computer knowledge and your friendship. We have told many friends about you. If you ever need a recommendation, we would be happy to share these comments with other prospective clients.

Thank you again for helping us make Computer Supplies of America a successful online store.


Sam & Maxine Cahn

Owners, Computer Supplies of America

It is with great pleasure to write a testimonial about the prompt, courteous and excellent service at NetProfits Internet Consulting. Dan Anderson epitomizes professionalism. He responds to our website design and technology requirements in the most professional way and we can always count on him to provide quality service. Dan is always pleasant and since I know very little about web design I count on his knowledge, experience and excellent advice.

Sayydah Garrett

Executive Assistant, Interfaith Council for the Homeless of Union County

It is an honor for me to recommend Dan Anderson. Dan has done two separate websites for me. The first was putting our company’s catalogue on-line. He not only did a superb job but he was kind, and patient and taught me to update and work on the site by myself once it was up and running. The site is so good that we have had customers tell us that it is the easiest site they have ever ordered from. What more could we ever want to hear?

Also, I am a writer and my first novel has just been published. Dan did a website for me with links to ordering and reading the first chapters. It is professional, easy to navigate and it gives me a presence on the Internet.

All of this is business related but there is so much more to working on these types of projects. The Internet is a new source of revenue for most of us and traversing around the Web can be extremely intimidating. Dan held my hand and taught me the ins and outs.

I live in Miami and I could have used any number of companies here but Dan had come so highly recommended that I decided to use him. It was one of the better business decisions I’ve made. He has ALWAYS delivered on time, fulfilling every promise. His prices have remained fair and he has always been accessible. So, again I reiterate, it is an honor to recommend Dan and his company.

Ellen Brazer

Owner, The DA Group

Dear Dan:

I just wanted you to know how much Aalstons, LLC appreciates your professional Web design for our online store, Aalstons.com. The overall design is eye-catching, yet uncluttered and easy to use. Our customers find it very easy to find exactly what they are looking for, and the shopping basket feature facilitates sales. We have had several repeat customers!

Every new site requires maintenance and adjustments. On each and every occasion that I needed help or information, you responded promptly and explained just what it was I needed to do to resolve my problem. When my e-mail responder wasn’t working because we switched our ISP, you corrected the problem immediately. And you took the time and trouble to tell me just what you did, so I would be able to make the changes myself in the future. Dan, I definitely appreciated your patience and your professionalism, especially to a novice on-line retailer.

What is really important, though, is your monthly submissions to various search engines for Aalstons. Even if we had the best looking site (and we are definitely in the running for that), we still need to promote our site. And that is just what you do through the submissions to the high profile search engines. Keep those sales leads coming! (I enjoy looking at the graphs that show our leads climbing!) Thanks again, for the terrific job you do.

Pat McDonnell

Aalstons Computers

Having interviewed and hired a number of Web professionals for our organization and clients, I am pleased to have found an organization that communicates well and delivers what it promises. Dan Anderson and his associates at NetProfits are attentive and responsive, consistently producing innovative, practical, on-target, on-time products and solutions for our IT needs.

Chuck Rose

Founder and CEO, MindMeasures LLC and Sports Psychology Center, Inc.

We could not be more pleased with the functionality of Product Cart software. For a very reasonable price, we are able to easily track our inventory, make global changes to our products, and dozens of other features that make running a small web-based business very easy. Product Cart is simple to use and requires no previous web experience to master. Perhaps the only thing that we were more impressed with than the Product Cart software itself was the exceptional service of NetProfits. They bent over backwards to ensure that our site was up and running in time for a major marketing event. They tutored us in how to get the most out of Product Cart in plain English, and their staff responds almost immediately to any requests. We rave about NetProfits and Product Cart to anyone who will listen, and could not be more grateful to them for helping us get our business off the ground.

Thanks again, and let us know if you ever need some jewelry for any women in your life, (we’ll hook you up!)

Rich & Roberta

Owners, Samba Stones