Just a few weeks after we published our article on using Facebook for your small business where we… incidentally… suggested that Facebook wasn’t right for every business, there was a poll done that found that half of Americans see Facebook as a passing fad.

Can that really be?

A company that is about to hit the Street valued at nearly $100 Billion… a passing fad?

Some businesses use Facebook as there only web presence. Social Media has been all the buzz. How could this be?

Well… it could be… when you consider that everything does go through a cycle. And in today’s age… the information age, where everything moves faster… fads go big fast… and can go down fast.

Unless, they change.

And Facebook has been able to change.

The question is… will the changes help you as a small business?

We can’t deny that Facebook is a powerful tool. Right now. If your business is the right fit.

So the question shouldn’t be “Is Facebook a Bad Bet for Your Small Business?” but rather “How much should I bet on Facebook for my small business right now?”

Since it is free… you might not think you are betting much. But your time is valuable. And you shouldn’t spend it on things that won’t continue to pay.

Facebook is a great way for people to connect quickly. It is a social network and therefore can help you business connect with people.

But is shouldn’t be the only way you do. It should supplement what you do on the web so that, if it does change, you can adapt quickly.

A website is critical because one thing that people agree on is that the internet… however it might be delivered to the user… is not going away anytime soon.

Facebook for small business should be viewed as any other marketing tool. It has a time and a place. Right now, it has a big place. But that might not always be the case.

So… if you are only using Facebook for your small business then you should be taking steps to create a longterm web presence with a website.

If you have a website and are using Facebook… make sure you do not sacrifice one for the other, and understand where the strengths are so you can exploit them.

Take a look at our last post on Facebook again if you want a refresher.

And please, share your thoughts on whether or not Facebook is a good bet for small businesses below.